Grant Gordy of David Grisman Quintet readies solo release

March 5, 2010 - To call what Denver-based guitarist Grant Gordy does with the music he loves, the music his dad turned him on to, the music by the artists who would become his heroes and colleagues - to call it listening would be inaccurate. He hasn't been just listening to it; he absorbs it, digests and dissects it, explores it to the very edge, feels it, knows it. From the gift of an A&L acoustic guitar from his father, a flat-picking guitarist and composer who shared time and technique; through Led Zeppelin rock and Grateful Dead roll; to time in bands, mastering improvisation and other concepts, to loving the blues, bebop, modern jazz, straight-ahead bluegrass and the classics of Bach and Beethoven: What Grant Gordy actually has been doing is continuous study.