A Note From Grant

After six incredibly fortunate years as guitarist with the legendary David Grisman Quintet/Sextet, I am moving on and focusing on other pursuits. It’s been the highest privilege to find myself playing alongside someone I consider to be a preeminent figure of modern American music, and to cultivate a friendship and musical rapport with a personal hero. Taking part in the lineage of Dawg guitarists that began with Tony Rice, and following in the giant footsteps of TR, John Carlini, Mike Marshall, Mark O’Connor and others gave me huge shoes to fill, as well as a unique and nearly sacred (to me) opportunity to leave my own mark on the canon of Dawg music.  

I traveled a lot of miles and shared a lot of beautiful stages with Dawg, Jim Kerwin, Matt Eakle, George Marsh and Mike Barnett and was honored to study the huge book of Dawg tunes -classic and contemporary- up close with these master musicians. The time spent getting to know them all personally and musically as bandmates is an era I’ll treasure for the rest of my life. I feel that I could write volumes on what I learned about music, and the path of playing it, during my tenure in the DGQ.

In my still very new home of New York City, I’m finding lots of new opportunities and projects to be quite excited about, like Mr. Sun (my new band with Darol Anger and Joe Walsh), my guitar duo with Ross Martin, upcoming tours with Karan Casey on the east coast and Rex Preston and Miranda Sykes in England, and lots of other irons in the fire. Things are beginning to stir around a new Grant Gordy record or two in the future as well!

David’s new focus on a more Bay Area-centered lineup will give the DGQ opportunities to rehearse and find cohesion in ways that weren’t possible with my living so far away.

Looking ahead to lots of great music in a bright future, with deep gratitude for the past.