Grant Gordy CD Review

CD Review: Ari Hest, Nora Jane Struthers, & Grant Gordy

Grant Gordy's self titled CD, is completely different - that is - its all instrumental. After the first track, I thought "that's a cool instrumental; then came the second, then third - and finally a recognized a trend. An instrumental compilation makes sense considering Gordy is the lead guitarist for the David Grisman Quintet. Like the previous review, this isn't just a solo effort; Gordy has recruited several outstanding artists to form his own quintet, featuring Jayme Stone (banjo), Alex Hargreaves (fiddle), Paul Kowert (bass), and Dominick Leslie (mandolin). And Grisman makes a guest appearance on the mandolin in "Blues To Dawg".

But don't think of this as a bluegrass album. The first two tracks are closer to jazz guitar - gypsy jazz at that. And whereas the guitar is prevalent throughout, there are plenty of fiddle and banjo leads to showcase the other members of the quintet. See "Little Grapes"; and even "Blues To Dawg" provides plenty of fiddle. In general, this CD is just a great listen. The songs are diverse, intricate, sometimes soft - sometimes pulsating; there's even a semi-classical waltz - my favorite track. But this is simple a cool CD that has a place in any music collection.