Grant’s 2010 Self Titled DebUt Album


"Some of the most engaging sounds in contemporary acoustic string music"

-David Grisman


"A flatpicking master in his own right, Grant has also quickly evolved into an underground acoustic guitar legend."

-Flatpicking Guitar Magazine


"If you want to get a feel for where the next generation of acoustic string artists are taking their music, this is an adventure well worth your time and trouble. Every tune is a gem, and the soloists are flat out stunning."

-Bluegrass Today


“Along with master flatpicker Tony Rice, David “Dawg” Grisman pioneered a style known as “dawg music,” blending Django Reinhardt/Hot Club jazz with bluegrass. Grant Gordy is Grisman’s current guitarist, and here, Gordy steps out on his own with a solo album. Do we really need another album of dawg music from one of Grisman’s followers? Yes, we do, and here’s why. Most of the players who have latched onto Grisman’s style have drawn heavily from the Django side of things. Few take bebop or post-bop seriously at all. Grant Gordy does. He draws as much from the style of jazz developed by Miles Davis’ second quintet (the one with Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and Tony Williams) as he does from gypsy jazz. The result is that his fluid and elegant flatpicking is unpredictable, even to the most jaded worshipper of David Grier. Sure, there are hints of Django, and Gordy is obviously a big fan of Tony Rice and David Grier, but once you hear him, you will know that you are listening to someone new.” listener review